Registration Number RS/CA/243/D/26 dated 4th March, 2006

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CODE: C001
Price: Rs.200
Desc: Dolls made of clay . Exquisite craftsmanship of traditional potters of North East India.

CODE: C002
Price: Rs.250
Desc: MORA – a traditional sitting arrangement. Made of Bamboo and cane . Regarded as the symbol of hospitality in rural India.

CODE: C003
Price: Rs.275
Desc: designed cushion . A perfect comfort provider

CODE: C004
Price: Rs.280
Desc: Bucket made of bamboo. An eco-friendly carrier of products

CODE: C005
Price: Rs.400
Desc: A beautiful device for placing the products for worship . Made of bamboo and cane

CODE: C006
Price: Rs.500
Desc: Embroidered Pillow Cover . Made of woolen material

CODE: C007
Price: Rs.600
Desc: Gorgeously designed ladies wallet made of colored bamboo leaves . Spectacular utilization of natural resource .

CODE: C008
Price: Rs.601
Desc: Cushion made from hand-woven cotton . Symbolizes the artistic creativity and excruciating toil of the artisans

CODE: C009
Price: Rs.650
Desc: Idol of the spiritual reformers of India made of clay . Instance of creative pottery

CODE: C010
Price: Rs.700
Desc: Visually vibrant cotton cushions reflecting mélange of colors

CODE: C011
Price: Rs.750
Desc: Bamboo woven Mat reflecting colorful elegance

CODE: C012
Price: Rs.1000
Desc: vessels with magnificent design . Eco-friendly water storage mechanism

CODE: C013
Price: Rs.1500
Desc: Marvelous decorative items made of bamboo and cane

CODE: C014
Price: Rs.1700
Desc: designed cushion . A perfect comfort provider

CODE: C015
Price: Rs.3100
Desc: Folk musical instrument for generating rhythm by the tribal people of north-east

CODE: C016
Price: Rs.3500
Desc: Wonderfully designed decorative woodcraft

CODE: C017
Price: Rs.3900
Desc: Bamboo made sofa set . A symbol of luxury , ease and comfort

CODE: C018
Price: Rs.4000
Desc: Colorful Naga-blanket made of wool . Can keep you amidst comfortable warmth in chilling weather

CODE: C019
Price: Rs.4700
Desc: An idol of Ganeshsa (God of Achievement & Prosperity as believed in Hindu Religion) made of wood .

CODE: C020
Price: Rs.7500
Desc: Wonderfully designed colorful “Mekhla” , a traditional dress of North-East India.

CODE: C021
Price: Rs.8000
Desc: Wonderful woodcraft - articulately designed by the folk artisans

CODE: C022
Price: Rs.9500
Desc: Fanek – a traditional dress used by the women of Nagaland during festival

CODE: C023
Price: Rs.10000
Desc: Fanek – a traditional dress used by the women of Nagaland during festiva .

CODE: C024
Price: Rs.11000<
Desc:Saree of Muga silk – an exclusive product of North East

CODE: C025
Price: Rs.12000
Desc: Vibrantly colored pillow cover

CODE: C026
Price: Rs.20000
Desc: Floor mat reflecting intricate artwork . An outcome of the wonderful artistry of the folk artisans

CODE: C027
Price: Rs.21000
Desc: Traditional silk saree with sheds of red and white . Made of Muga silk

CODE: C028
Price: Rs.25000
Desc: Decorative movable partition made of cane
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